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Watershed associations play a crucial role in protecting Oklahoma's water resources. These organizations bring together community members, landowners, government agencies, and industry representatives to address issues such as water quality, water quantity, and soil health. By collaborating with these watershed associations, the Oka' Institute can develop and implement strategies to improve the health of local streams, rivers, and lakes.​This not only benefits the environment, but also supports economic development by ensuring a reliable source of clean water for agriculture, industry, and recreation. Overall, the work of watershed associations is vital to preserving Oklahoma's natural resources for generations to come.​Lake Texoma Watershed Alliance engages a diverse group in the Lake Texoma Watershed to develop a plan consisting of prioritized, phased strategies focused on the basin-wide implementation of soil health practices and related measures to improve and protect the Lake Texoma Watershed.​Lake of the Arbuckles Watershed Association facilitates the collaboration between landowners and other stakeholders on land management practices that benefit the watershed and restore the Lake of the Arbuckle's Quality. ​To learn more about these associations, click the button below. ​

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