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At the Oka' Institute, we believe that collaboration is key to achieving our research goals. We work with a wide range of research affiliates who bring diverse skill sets and perspectives to our projects. Here are some of the affiliates we have collaborated with:

  • East Central University

  • Northeastern State University

  • Aquastrategies

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Chesapeake Energy

These collaborations have allowed us to tackle complex research questions and develop innovative solutions. We are always looking for new partners to collaborate with and welcome inquiries from researchers who share our passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship. Click the button below to apply.

East Central University Professors

Dr. Jessica Brumley         Assistant Professor                         Biology

Dr. Leah Dudley
Assistant Professor                        Biology
Dr. Nicholas Jacob           
Assistant Professor                         Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Christine Pappas       Professor, Chair               
Political Science And Legal Studies 

Dr. Terrie Becerra            Assistant Professor                         Sociology   

Dr. Randall Maples          Assistant Professor                         Chemistry 

Dr. Hu George Wang      
Assistant Professor                        
Eric Howard       
Instructor                            Environmental Health Science

Dr. Erick Ananga              

Assistant Professor                        

Political Science and Legal Studies  

Dr. Charles Biles           

Dr. Barney Austin


AquaStrategies, Inc.

Dr. Bruce Moring      
Assistant Professor                        
 and Environmental Science

Neil Deeds

Senior Water Resources Engineer, PhD, PE, PG


George Van Houtven

Senior Economist

RTI International

Ms. Britney Temple
Geologist II
Chesapeake Energy

External Research Affiliates

Dr. David Burden

Hydrologist/Soil Scientist
U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development

Dr. Randall R.  Ross
Robert S. Kerr
Environmental Research Center

Dr. Sanchari Ghosh

Assistant Professor of Economics

Northeastern State University

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