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Executive Director speaks at Sovereignty Symposium

Our Executive Director, Duane Smith, had the honor of speaking at the Sovereignty Symposium this week. It was an incredible opportunity to share our organization's mission and work with such a distinguished audience and panel members. The Executive Director's presentation at the Sovereignty Symposium shed light on the importance of Integrated Water Resource Management, particularly in regions where water scarcity is a growing concern. In addition to collaboration among stakeholders, Duane Smith emphasized the need to incorporate the Seven Essentials that guide the use and protection of tribal water resources into water management techniques. This approach not only acknowledges the significance of indigenous knowledge but also respects the cultural heritage of these sovereign nations. The presentation of successful case studies, including the City of Ada and Tishomingo, further highlighted the benefits of Integrated Water Resource Management, with specific examples of improved water quality, economics, and increased access to water for local communities. The audience and panel's positive response to the presentation sparked critical discussions about the future of water management in the region. Overall, Duane Smith's speech at the Sovereignty Symposium was an eye-opener for many, emphasizing the need for collaboration, innovation, and a more holistic approach to water management that takes into consideration the cultural, social, and environmental aspects of water resources.

We want to thank the organizers and attendees for their gracious welcome and engaging dialogue.


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