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Oka', it means water,
and that means everything.

Oka' is the Chickasaw and Choctaw term for water. It's native roots resonate with the importance of Oka' in our future.


The Oka' Institute at East Central University focuses on practical water solutions by building sustainable communities, promoting environmental benefits through land stewardship, seeking balanced water policy, and innovating in science-based water research.

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Oka's four main pillars of success represent the key areas for effective water management.

By focusing on each of these pillars, we can ensure water for future generations.

Lake Texoma Watershed Alliance

Lake Texoma Watershed Alliance (LTWA) is an interstate group of members from Oklahoma and Texas who share a desire to protect, preserve, and improve the watershed surrounding Lake Texoma to promote its extensive benefits. The LTWA Steering Committee recognizes that a healthy watershed is essential to the health of Lake Texoma and the region. The Lake Texoma Watershed is a resource of critical importance to Oklahoma and Texas.


  • Improving water quality

  • Promoting community sustainability

  • Balancing responsible water use

  • Restoring water functionality across the basin

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Lake of the Arbuckles Watershed Association  

The Lake of the Arbuckles and the Chickasaw National Recreation Area provides enormous economic benefits to Oklahoma. In addition to serving as a vital water supply for area citizens, associated recreational opportunities and more than 1.5 million annual visitors contribute some $12.7 million to area economies.

Growing water demands and increased activity in the watershed have begun to impair the quantity and quality of lake waters. The Lake of the Arbuckles Watershed Association (LAWA) was created by landowners to collaboratively work on land management practices that benefit the watershed and restore the Lake of the Arbuckles quality. With the support of the Chickasaw Nation and the Oka’ Institute at East Central University, LAWA works proactively to protect and address local issues

Organized Files


The Knowledge Hub at the Oka' Research Center provides an easy and convenient way to access and explore our research products. Our hub includes publications, videos, maps, and other products created by Oka' researchers. With the Knowledge Hub,

you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments in Oka' research.

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