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Join Oka' Institute at Euchee Butterfly Farm for a Day of Fire and Flora

The Oka' Institute invites you to ignite your passion for environmental stewardship at the Euchee Butterfly Farm on February 2nd. Our Fire Field Day is a collaborative celebration of nature's resilience and the power of fire as a conservation tool.

A Collaborative Conservation Effort

In partnership with the Euchee Butterfly Farm, Tribal Alliance for Pollinators, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture, Oklahoma State University's Natural Resource Extension, and the Water Resources Center, the Oka' Institute is proud to be apart of a day that will burn bright with knowledge and hands-on learning.

Engage with Experts

Engage with leading minds in the field as we discuss the ecological significance of prescribed burns and share practical wisdom on managing our cherished landscapes. This is your chance to see conservation in action and understand the critical role fire plays in sustaining diverse ecosystems.

Experience and Participation

Post-lunch, provided courtesy of the collaborative efforts, join us in the field for an interactive demonstration of a prescribed burn. Witness firsthand how prescribed burns are conducted, with safety and ecological integrity at the forefront.

Safety and Preparation

We urge all participants to dress appropriately for field activity; this means donning long cotton pants, leather gloves, and durable boots for protection.


The Oka' Institute invites you to participate in a day of environmental engagement at the Euchee Butterfly Farm. We encourage you to secure your attendance by January 26th for an informative session on the sustainable practice of prescribed burning.

This is the flyer for the Euchee Butterfly Fire Field Day
Fire Day Flyer


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