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Conservation Success: Oka' Institute's Impact on Restoring Wintersmith Lake

ADA, Okla. – The Oka’ Institute at East Central University (ECU) is pleased to announce its partnership with the City of Ada in conducting a bathymetric and sediment survey of Wintersmith Lake. This collaborative effort aims to estimate the current water storage capacity of the lake and to assess the potential for future sediment removal, dredging activities, and dam enhancements.

Wintersmith Lake, a vital resource for the City of Ada, requires careful management to ensure it supports recreational and environmental beneficial uses. The survey will focus on gathering accurate geospatial and physical data to determine the lakes depth and to measure and assess the quantity and quality of accumulated sediments. Oka’ Institute staff will partner with Aqua Strategies in a collaborated effort to facilitate and coordinate the survey, which will utilize state-of-the-art bathymetric mapping techniques to accurately measure the lake’s depth and identify sediment accumulation patterns and characteristics.

“We are excited to work alongside the City of Ada and Aqua Strategies in this important endeavor,” said Duane Smith, Executive Director of the Oka’ Institute. “By conducting this survey, we aim to support sustainable water resource management practices.”

The bathymetric survey’s findings will inform and direct the development of plans and mitigation strategies for sediment removal, dredging activities, and dam enhancements at the lake. Ultimately, the results of the survey will enable the City of Ada to make informed decisions that will support the preservation, protection, and sustainability of the lakes environmental and ecological integrity and its recreational uses that the people of Ada have placed great value in.

“The Oka’ Institute is dedicated to supporting sustainable water management practices,” Smith said. “By conducting this survey, we hope to provide valuable insights that will help the City of Ada make informed decisions about the future of Wintersmith Lake.”

The Oka’ Institute and the City of Ada are committed to working together to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of Wintersmith Lake. The partnership with the City of Ada demonstrates the commitment to working with local communities to address water challenges and implement innovative solutions.

The Oka’ Institute remains dedicated to fostering collaborative and innovative water resources management and environmental stewardship practices. For more information about the Oka’ Institute and its initiatives, visit


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