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Conference Event App Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) governing your participation in The Oka’ Institute at East Central University owned and operated virtual app feature for their in-person event, the 2022 Sustainability Conference. By registering for the virtual feature, you agree to these terms, which form a binding legal contract between the virtual app feature owner and host, Zoho, (“Oka’ Institute” or “Owner and Organizer”) and the registered participant (“you” or “Participant”). If you are registering on behalf of another individual, it is your responsibility to ensure the person participating is aware of these terms and accepts them. By completing the registration on behalf of another individual you are warranting that you have made the Participant aware of these terms and that they have accepted these terms.


1 Participant Requirements


1.1 Access. Your registration entitles you to access to the virtual feature for which you have registered. Any and all other costs associated with your attendance shall be borne solely by you, and The Oka’ Institute at East Central University shall have no liability for such costs.


1.2 Use of Likeness. By registering for the conference, you acknowledge and agree to grant The Oka’ Institute at East Central University to record, film, live stream, photograph, or capture your likeness in any media now available or hereafter developed and to distribute, broadcast, use, or otherwise globally to disseminate, in perpetuity, such media without any further approval from you or any payment to you. This grant to Virtual Feature includes, but is not limited to, the right to edit such media, the right to use the media alone or together with other information, and the right to allow others to use or disseminate the media.


1.3 Virtual Content. You acknowledge and agree that The Oka’ Institute at East Central University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to change any and all aspects of the Sustainability Conference and its app feature, including but not limited to, the Event name, themes, content, program, speakers, performers, hosts, moderators, venue, and time.


2 Prohibited Conduct


2.1 Limitations on Use. By registering for the virtual app feature for the in-person Sustainability Conference pass you agree not to sell, trade, transfer, or share your complimentary access link and/or code, unless such transfer is granted by the Organizer. By registering for a paid Virtual Event Pass, you agree not to share, sell or trade your access. If the Oka’ Institute at East Central University determines that you have violated this policy, they may cancel your access, retain any payments made by you, report you to law enforcement authorities, and ban you from future Virtual Events.


2.2 Disruptive Conduct. You acknowledge and agree that The Oka’ Institute at East Central University reserves the right to remove you from the virtual app feature and the in-person event, in its sole discretion, determines that your participation or behavior create a disruption or hinder the Sustainability Conference or the enjoyment of the virtual app feature content by other attendees.


2.3  Recording, Live Streaming, and Videotaping. Participants may not record or broadcast audio or video of sessions in the Sustainability Conference.


2.4 Unethical/Non-Compliant Business Practices. The Oka’ Institute at East Central University reserves the right to deny participation to anyone who engages in or is reputed to engage in unethical or non-compliant business practices.


2.5 In addition to the requirements and prohibitions set forth in this Section 2, The Oka’ Institute at East Central University may also exclude any prospective participant from registering for or participating in any virtual app features for the n-person Sustainability Conference.




3 Fees and Registration


3.1 Taxes. The fees may be subject to sales tax, value added tax, or other taxes and duties which, if applicable, will be charged to you in addition to the fees.


3.2 Cancellations are subject to the entire Sustainability Conference registration fee. All sales are final. No payments will be refunded or refundable. Please note that if you do not cancel and do not participate in the Sustainability Conference, you are still responsible for payment. In no event shall The Oka’ Institute at East Central University be obligated to refund all or a portion of the registration fee.


3.4  If The Oka’ Institute at East Central University is prevented from carrying out its obligations as it pertains to the virtual app feature you registered for as a result of any cause beyond its control, or such virtual app feature cannot be virtually conducted because of a software or issue with the hosting platform or due to acts of God, strikes, labor disputes, government requisitions, restrictions or war or apparent act of war, terrorism, disaster, civil disorder, epidemic or pandemic, curtailment or restriction on transportation facilities, or any other comparable calamity, casualty or condition (collectively a “Force Majeure”) The Oka’ Institute at East Central University shall have the right to immediately terminate the affected virtual app feature without liability and shall be relieved of its obligations to Registrant. 

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