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Reception: Shape of the River

Anne Yoncha's class will be showcasing their "Shape of the River" art exhibit

"Shape of the River" is a collaborative effort through Oka's Summer Research Program. "...the name is kind of a play on words. It's about the actual, physical, shape of the river, like if you look from an aerial perspective, but also about the shape like condition, how is the Blue River doing? We know that the Blue River and the aquifer underneath of it are really intimately connected, and of course, we get our water from the aquifer, so it's really important to us, too" says Anne Yoncha.

The reception will be on

October 24th from 2-4pm in Room 110 of the Lanoy Education Building.

Artworks made by:

Dara Archer, Shalia Brown, Tiara Gore, Legend Grissom, Courtney Guthrie, Caitlin Hamilton, John Jaques, Matt Mayer, Beth Neel, Makinsie Pebley, Carlos Ruiz, Athena Scroggins, Dallyn Sullivan, Zadian White, Haley Zummer

Pigments made by:

Rahul Adhikari, Eli Alvarez, Devan Archer, Malik Augustine, Aislinn Beak, Shalia Brown, Abbey Beavers, Allie Mabry, B'rhi Greer, Helena Hedges, Lindsay Humphries, Zaydian Kalstad, Dallyn Sullivan, Destiny Trujillo, Addi Walls, Cole Wells, Johnie Woolly, Haley Zummer


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