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This scholarship will provide a research opportunity for a graduate student in the Water Resources Policy and Management Master's Degree program to work on a project benefitting a community that has a primary water source that is exhibiting signs of stress due to a variety of sources. the student selected to receive this scholarship will present a plan of action to community representatives that will protect and enhance their water source.  This plan of action may include but not be limited to; comparable data of water quality and quantity from other similar water bodies, photographs of the compromised water source, education materials for community members to become informed of the water issue, social media presence, and presentations at community meetings.  In addition, the selected graduate student will present their research and action plan at the annual Oka` Sustainability conference, once permission is received from the designated community representative with whom the project was initiated.  Oka`, the Water Institute at ECU, will provide oversight for this process upon selection of the graduate student. 
Water is a vital resource for communities to thrive. Kay and John Hargrave believe that educating citizens to the need for protection and conversation of water sources  goes hand in hand with the community's ability to prosper.  Kay and John have established this scholarship to help steward such education. 

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From curriculum to festivals and online activities, we are driven to empower our youth with the tools and passion needed to secure our water for the future.

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