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Water Fest 2021

Hosted By Oka'

Our Water

Welcome-Susan Paddack

Oka' Institute

Byrds Mill Spring-Randall Ross

Robert S Kerr Lab

Land and Water Management-Jeanine Lackey & Kim Elkin

The Nature Conservancy

Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer-Kevin Blackwood Oka' Institute

Ecology of the Blue River -Dr. Bruce Moring East Central University

The Cultural Meaning of Water- Adam Drannon Chickasaw Nation

Move to a Station

Visits should last between 5-15 minutes. Stations have a video and may have additional resources.

Welcome to Water Fest Virtual Plaza!

 Station 1 Macro Invertebrates Field Trip

Station 2 Fish Stocking Field Trip

Station 3 What is an Aquifer

Station 5 Soil Health

Station 7 Clouds in the Kitchen Activity