Summer Research Opportunity(SRO)

Oka' is currently accepting grant applications for this year’s summer SRO project.

Professors, Oka' would like to help facilitate your water-based research this summer. The goal of the SRO program is to promote water-focused scientific research here at ECU and give undergraduate students an opportunity to experience a professor led research experience. 

Have an idea in mind? Write your faculty-initiated projects that align with Oka’s Mission to address Oklahoma's water resource needs through sustainable water resource management strategies that address real-world demands. This includes a commitment to public and professional education, a recognition of the economic development opportunities and implications of water resources, and to the creation of scientifically defensible and equitable, best practices for water resource management.

The research will extend for an 8-week research period.  Proposals must include supervision of 1-2 undergraduate research student positions, which the professor must recruit. If there are 2 research positions, the second position may be filled by a graduate student. Proposals may focus on physical, biological, or social science topics that advance Oka’s goals and objectives.

Previous year’s participants studied groundwater connections, collected data to support surface and groundwater interactions, investigated water management perspectives, and studied the ecosystem within the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer.

For more information and the link to apply