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Water Appreciation Day at the Capitol

The Oka' Institute was invited by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to join in their celebration at the Capitol for Water Appreciation Day. The staff including Executive Director Duane Smith had a great time informing legislators and the public about the importance of water. We enjoyed speaking to our Oklahoma State Representative Ronny Johns and Former Senator Susan Paddack.

A big thanks to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for the invite!

Other invitees included:

  • Association of Master Conservancy Districts

  • Chickasaw Nation

  • Oklahoma City

  • Grand River Dam Authority

  • Keep Oklahoma Beautiful

  • Oklahoma Rural Water Association- Strategic Alliance

  • Oklahoma Rural Water Association

  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation- Waterways Division

  • Oklahoma Climatological Survey

  • Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association

  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission

  • Oklahoma Department of Mines

  • Oklahoma Geological Survey

  • Oklahoma Water Resources Center- OSU Extension

  • Oklahoma Water Resources Board- Financial Assistance Programs

  • Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

  • Oklahoma Municipal League

  • Oklahomans for Responsible Water Policy

  • Oklahoma Water Resources Board- Water Quality Programs

  • Oklahoma Conservation Commission

  • OU Geochemistry Cohort

  • US Bureau of Reclamation

  • USGS- Oklahoma Water Science Center


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