Eastern ASA Hydrology Study

Oklahoma's landowners and other stakeholders have worked to preserve the Arbuckle-Simpson’s water supply and promote economic growth through sustainable water practices. Based on those needs, Oka’ is facilitating an interest-driven study. 


The Eastern ASA Hydrology study is a five million dollar study to be conducted over an eight-year time period. This study will build on the Phase One study which determined the maximum annual yield for the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer.


This project will be comprised of three parts. The first two steps will be the concentrated monitoring of springs, streams, wells and a look into the hydrological framework. Lastly, the data collected will be compiled to create a hydrological model for the aquifer.

With the advancements in the technology of hydrological modeling, we expect this study to be of the highest quality. This data will serve as the definitive tool for all stakeholders who rely on this aquifer for water.