Research Professors

Research Professors - Fellow ECU Colleagues who wish to be active partners in water research and policy development apply here

Eric Howard

Instructor– Environmental Health Science

Dr. Hu George Wang

Assistant Professor-Biology

Dr. Erick Ananga

Assistant Professor- Political Science and Legal Studies

Dr. Terrie Becerra

Assistant Professor-Sociology

Kevin Blackwood

Adjunct Professor-Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. Charles Biles


Preston Draper

Assistant professor- Political Science and Legal Studies

Dr. Leah Dudley

Assistant Professor-Biology

Dr. Nicholas Jacob

Assistant Professor- Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Randall Maples

Assistant Professor-Chemistry

Dr. James Bruce Moring

Assistant Professor-Biology

Dr. April Nesbit

Assistant Professor- Biology

Dr. Christine Pappas

Professor, Chair-Political Science And Legal Studies