Oka' Goals

The Oka’ Institute has four main strategic goals: economic development, research and data collection, information/education, and policy development.

Economic Development

The Oka’ Institute will develop organizational business leaders in water policy and management that are focused on entrepreneurial opportunities, which will become an economic development driver for the area.

Research and Data Collection

The Oka’ Institute will continue to develop its capacity to engage in water policy and management research that is relevant to the issues facing the state and nation through acquired external funding and recruitment of highly skilled professionals.


The Oka’ Institute will be recognized as a source of information and expertise in the water resources field. It will become an identified contributor in the field of professional development, continuing education and public education for water related issues.

Policy Development

The Oka’ Institute will provide leadership in the development and dissemination of water management and policy information through communication with a broad network of professional contacts around the state and beyond. The Institute will use science and consensus building as the foundation for the proposal of policy and practices.