Oka' Projects

The Oka’ Institute partners with Ada to become a leader in the state.

The Oka’ Institute, is partnering with the City of Ada to become Oklahoma’s pioneer in enhanced aquifer recharge. Following the passage of a 2017 law, HB 1485, we became the first in the state to start the process with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to pilot a limited-scale aquifer recharge project.

What is enhanced aquifer recharge?

Enhanced aquifer recharge is a system engineered to collect water and store it in an aquifer. The Oka’ Institute is proposing a project  to capture storm runoff in “leaky ponds” which will allow excess water to infiltrate the earth and into the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, essentially storing water for the future. It is expected that these leaky ponds will also reduce the effects of flash flooding.

Year one will be spent in collecting baseline water data. Recently, our field researchers have been collecting water table measurements, assisting in springs inventory with the US Geological Survey, and doing stream hydrology.